All through the decades, topics about the Vietnam War promoted the negative, touting atrocities on citizens such as burning down villages, and the killings at My Lai; returning soldiers were depicted as trained killers like Rambo and Braddock – many of them also suffering mental issues from the war (ticking time bombs). This stigma followed us over the years and painted everyone with the same brush, and because of this, it was difficult for many of us to get jobs and start families. The word, “Vietnam” was taboo, so veterans kept it to themselves and buried those experiences deep down and moved on with their lives.  

Today, I want to turn things around and talk about those “GOOD” things that came from the war. Researching this topic was difficult as very little could be found on the internet – information was sparse, and I think it was because of the number of vets who kept quiet upon their return, and these topics were forgotten over time. So, many of the examples in this post are from my personal experiences and past discussions with other veterans during group rap sessions, veteran outings, and chapter meetings where trust was paramount.

Three and a half million soldiers passed through Vietnam during the war years between 1955 – 1975 and held many occupational specialties; it was mostly the engineers and Seabees who destroyed and rebuilt things throughout the country. Much of it was in support the war, but they also helped the local populace.

On a more personal note, I remember many good times during the course of my tour: 

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