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Have you ever wondered why young soldiers return home “changed” or “different” after their deployment to a war zone? If the answer is “YES” then this website is for you! Here, you’ll find most everything is Vietnam War related – over 500+ personal narratives, photos, videos, movies, artwork, war book reviews, and favorite music of the time. Much of what is presented herein also impacts today’s soldiers, so here’s your opportunity to learn more about war and its warriors.

I also published two Vietnam War books about my personal experiences in Vietnam; book descriptions, trailers, book samples, author interviews, photo slide shows, and ordering information are all available and menu driven.

Here’s some important information about the changes and navigation methods.

There are two ways to navigate through my website – the first is by using the menu tabs [within the red border area above] with drop down directories; the second, cites specific topics along the right border of every page.

The Category” tab works in two ways: when double-clicking, you’ll be redirected to the main blog site where all article headlines and featured photos are posted in chronological order by publication date [newest to oldest]. There you can scroll down through all 500 + titles and open those that interest you.

When hovering above the Category” tab, a drop down menu displays several specific categories – [all articles on this website are now individually categorized and articles of similar interests are “clumped” together.] When clicking on one of these categories, only articles assigned to that group will appear.

I have read hundreds of war books over the years and regularly post my book reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, and other websites. I’ve gathered them together, sorted the titles alphabetically, and placed them into grouped folders. So, when opening a folder, all the book titles in that grouping have live links directly to copies of my actual Amazon reviews. I’ve also added links to VVA book reviews, and a new section where readers can make recommendations of their own.

Military Slang is the most visited page on my website. Here visitors can see a list of slang terms used by soldiers during the Vietnam War along with definitions, photos, and examples. A second article addresses the many “Nicknames” inherited by soldiers at the time. Sadly, many soldiers were only known by their nicknames as real names were seldom used. This made it difficult for many of us later in life to locate those brothers we served with. 

“My Published Books” tab will direct you to articles relating to my two books. You’ll find book descriptions, trailers, author interviews (written and video), free sample chapters (25% of the book), audiobook snippets to VN photos, awards, and direct links to their purchase and review sites.

“My Slide Show” opens to a YouTube video with background music. The presentation is comprised of 105-personal photos that spans my 12-month tour of duty as a grunt in the Vietnam War (70/71).  

At the bottom of each page, visitors will see a red inverted arrow pointing upward…clicking on it will return you to the top of the page. 

When choosing the “HOME” tab, you’ll land back on this page.

***One final note: at the end of each article, WordPress provides links to three other posts within this website which it feels are “related” to what you’ve just read. If interested, click on any of them to be redirected. Just below them, readers are given another option of choosing either the “previous” post or the “next” post. As all posts are stored chronologically by published date, choosing either of them may not necessarily land on a post within the same category, but both choices will offer posts originally published within a week (either way) of the one you just read.

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I hope you enjoy your visit. Thank you, and don’t forget to spread the word. / John