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NAM Book Reviews

Since publishing “Cherries” in 2010, I learned how important reviews and ratings are to both authors and potential readers. As a result, I began writing book reviews on Amazon dot com & Goodreads for all the books I’ve read since – amassing hundreds of reviews to date – Amazon even has me ranked as a “Top Reviewer.” Although there are many genres represented on that list of books, I pulled only those relating to war (WWII, Korea and Vietnam) and posted them here on my blog alphabetically.

Over the past four decades, I’ve read every Vietnam War novel that I could get my hands on, but don’t have all the written reviews available to post here. There are many excellent books out there that should not be overlooked – I’ll create a list of those recommendations and add them to this post in the near future. It’s my hope that this post increases the awareness of those books that are available, and my reviews aid potential readers.


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