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Posts now available as Podcast

WordPress has developed a relationship with Spotify, a podcast website, and has offered administrators the opportunity to convert their posts over to a computer-generated podcast and also offer them on Spotify. The only drawback is that when listening to these conversions, photos, graphs, videos, and recordings from the original posting are not visible for viewing.

As a result of this new partnership, I have converted most of my posts to podcasts with the exception of those containing predominately videos, photos, graphs, and other recordings. Those converted have a button directly under the title which you can click on to be transferred to the Spotify website to listen. However, it will not land on the current post…you’ll have to search it out. In some cases, viewers/listeners can open Spotify on a different tab and listen while you follow along to the text on my website.

Note: If you go directly to the Spotify website, each article does have a link to the original post on the CHERRIES website.

CherriesWriter – Vietnam War website | Podcast on Spotify

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