I’ve collected paintings and artwork depicting the Vietnam War and set them up to view as a slideshow (still working on the music). Most were obtained from Pinterest – I’ve included author names when available. If the author is unknown, then I’ve listed the website where it was last posted. If you recognize a print without an author listed, please get back to me with a description of the print and the author name and I’ll make the corrections. Many almost look like real photos and it’s difficult to believe it’s a painting.


In addition, Joe Kline recently published a video on Facebook that shows many of his prints to music – I’ve added it below following the slideshow. I hope you enjoy both presentations.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Joe Kline put this video together of many of his artwork prints (some you’ve already seen in my slideshow) – make sure you turn up the sound.


This note from Julio Garcia: I spent over a decade collecting and retouching paintings about battles and war machines from all ages and I share them in tumblr.  It would be a pleasure and honor for me if you shared this on your blog.

I have recently uploaded them to dropbox so you can download them in hi resolution, as tumblr shrinks them, the modern wars gallery is not yet available for download, and will be done in the coming months, but you can still enjoy it at tumblr


My main site, there’s an entry with a complete list and links to all other galleries of war paintings from all ages, there are about ten of them


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