This is a full collection (4 pages) of all bases (firebases, LZ’s, Air Force bases, Brown Water Navy, Medical and other locations of interest) from the Vietnam War between the years 1963 and 1975 as they are listed with the DOD.

There are two different links attached to this article:

For the first one, I would suggest clicking on the brackets to the right of the blue title bar just above the map for a full-page view.  This will bring up the menu of locations on the left side…click the “545 more” line item and a full menu will drop down.  Scroll down the list to view the available locations. When choosing (click on it) a base, the program will zoom in and point out its location. In addition, another drop-down menu will replace the list and offers readers more information in the way of pictures, articles and other interesting info about that particular location. The website is worthwhile and I highly recommend it! There is also an email address to inform the author of your visit.  Enjoy!

Here’s the second link that shows many other locations and points of interest on a topographic map.

This video shows Khe Sanh and photos of other firebases:

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