I listened to you and had to go back to school…at least temporarily. Over the last eight years, I’ve fielded periodic concerns and suggestions about my website…most were things I didn’t know how to fix…finally last month, I took the initiative and made time to totally revamp it. Between the research, “how to” classes and making actual changes, it’s been an extremely busy and long month; my entire focus during that time was on WordPress and my blog…friends on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many other group pages that I visit daily had noticed my absence and were concerned! Well I’m almost finished (95%) but it’s good enough to roll out!

So what’s new? For starters, I changed the name of the website to “CherriesWriter” and added a landing page for all visitors who arrive via the website address [https://cherrieswriter.wordpress.com]. The landing page offers a synopsis of the many changes and explains the new methods of navigating the site [the “Home” button is the landing page and accessible to everyone]. The biggest change is that all articles are now categorized and grouped together with others of similar interest; a drop down menu lists various categories and hotlinks will help readers navigate to those posts/pages of interest.

One situation that I was completely unaware of was the constant pop-up ads by WordPress which sometime were a nuisance and hindered the reading of my posts. Well, they’re gone now. Loading time of articles were also an issue because of the length and/or excessive amount of photos and videos. I split-up many of the longer posts and created gallery slideshows for the photos to improve loading speed and linked the individual sections of the same posts to keep them all together. Also, in my post of 40+ VN War videos, I discovered that YouTube had pulled many of them – leaving readers with blank screens when choosing to view them. After some major housekeeping, the loading time was improved and defective videos were replaced.

How many of you knew that I maintained a page of book reviews for all VN War books that I’ve read? Well, it too, has been revamped and is more noticeable and accessible today. I’ve also added a link to the many VVA book reviews as they appeared in their monthly edition of “Veteran” magazine. Lastly, in that same area, I’ve added a new page where visitors can recommend VN War books they’ve liked to the rest of us.

All posts are still listed chronologically by date on the main article page – newest to oldest – and readers can continue to either scroll down through the 300+ titles, or utilize the menu’s at the top of the page or along the sidebar.

There are other changes – too many to list here – you’ll just have to see for yourself.

My main goal was to restructure the website to make it more user friendly.  There is a ton of information available, but up until now, many readers weren’t aware or didn’t know where to look. I want to especially thank, Jay, for all his help and guidance in this project. His eye for detail and recommendations made some of it easy…but all of it worthwhile.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me via email with your feedback regarding these new changes or to share an idea you might have for additional improvements.  (john.podlaski@gmail.com).

Vietnam Veterans: Welcome Home, and thank you for your service and sacrifice. I do all this for US (you and me) to educate those who don’t know and to maintain an awareness of the Vietnam War and its Warriors long after we’re gone.

As a surprise, I’ve added a short MP3 file to this post for your listening pleasure…it’s a call made to a Navy Recruiter from a local radio station:



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