Most everyone in the military who served in Vietnam took an R&R (rest & relaxation) outside the country. Those places available during 1971 were Bangkok, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Hawaii, Taiwan, and Singapore. Each had its own mystification and allure to the battle-weary troops. Everyone had a reason for going to a certain destination, however, when it was time to return, most brought back souvenirs or specific purchases: electronics, jewelry, tailored clothes, ivory, booze, etc.

So today, I’m asking each of you to cite where you went and what you brought back with you or sent home.

I’ll start.

I went to Bangkok and brought back a tailormade suit and a set of jade earrings.

Please include your response on this website as readers do not have access to FB groups and will otherwise not see your responses. Thanks in advance!

Floating market in Bangkok
Shopping district in Hong Kong
Nightlife in Tokyo bar district
Bondi Beach in Australia
Skyline and city center in Taiwan
Singapore River

If you still have a photo and description of when you were on R&R and want to share it, send me a copy via email as an attachment to: and I’ll add it to this article with your name.


Looking forward to your responses:

My former neighbor, Dan Lewandowski, went to Singapore and shipped home a reel-to-reel tape player and speakers for a fraction of what it cost back in the states.

My Sidney R&R was all about fashion. I got as far away from “Green” as possible. Will never forget being scorched by the Sun at Bondi Beach. I loved the Disco Music Scene, with “Go-Go Girls” in the Disco-cages. Australia was wonderful to visit. Gregory Doering.