My friend, Wanda Fischer, forwarded this information to me regarding March 29th: Vietnam Veterans Day.

“I went to a concert yesterday with my friend John Flynn, who’s a folk singer from Delaware. The VVA commissioned him to write a song to be sung at the ceremony next week, which will be held at the memorial. I thought some of the people who follow your blog might be interested. 
John has appeared with people like Kris Kristofferson, Arlo Guthrie and Willie Nelson. He’s been on my show a few times. He’s also written a song about suicides among veterans from Iraq, Afghanistan and the Gulf Wars and one about airplanes arriving at Dover with victims of those wars. He’s sung at funerals of veterans who’ve committed suicide. He’s an interesting person.” Thank you, Wanda!

From John’s website:

I was recently honored to be asked by the Vietnam Veterans of America to write and perform a song at the Vietnam War Memorial on National Vietnam War Veterans Day. Here’s the video for the song I composed. It’s called “Deeper Family” and has recently come out as a digital single.

You’ll be able to stream the ceremony and my performance live from The Wall at 1PM on March 29th:, or

John’s website:

I enjoyed the song – the video features the words as John sings them. Take a moment to listen and then get the word out to others. Our national recognition day is next week!