Remember Bobby Garwood, and his story of the abandonment of US POWs in Vietnam? He claimed that hundreds of US POWs were abandoned during the Paris Peace talks in 1973 by Kissinger.

In 1979, Bobby Garwood startled the world when he surfaced, bringing details of hundreds of other prisoners being secretly held in Vietnam. He said that after the war the Vietnamese even allowed PLO terrorists to interrogate US Prisoners. Over the years John Kerry and John McCain would become accused as being the main ‘cheerleaders’ for covering up this betrayal and silencing of Bobby Garwood. This video documents Bobby’s story in his own words – hear how he escaped via a black market operation and witnessed the brutality inflicted on him, other POWs and South Vietnamese people in Vietnam’s horrific re-education camps.

A “Top Secret” Russian document was uncovered recently in their archives – a communist report from North Vietnam – which stated that 1,205 U.S. POW’s were being held in Vietnam in 1972. However, only 591 were released during Operation Homecoming in 1973. What happened to the other half in the span of only a  year?

One of the most important pieces of information which Garwood disclosed but the government labeled as completely false was Garwood spotting 20 American prisoners on an island in Lake Thac Ba in 1977. Until this year, the Defense Intelligence Agency has said Garwood made the story up because there was no Lake Thac Ba, no island, no prison camp. But a senate investigative team lead by Senator Smith, Hendon, and other investigators not only found the lake, but the island and the camp as well.

Mr. Garwood was interviewed in 2017 and retold the story of his capture in 1965, the time spent in captivity, his escape attempts, and of his many live sightings of American POW’s after the war ended. This video is almost two hours long…many continue to say it is all lies and Robert Garwood is a traitor. Others cite that with what we know today about our government officials back then, perhaps his report isn’t all that far fetched. You’ll have to watch it and decide for yourself.

Was Robert “Bobby” Garwood a collaborator?  I believe the right answer is “No.”  He was a survivor caught up in a political game. What’s your take on him?

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