Here’s another blast from the past. 52 soldiers related incidents that were scary at the time but makes them laugh today. Don’t miss this one!

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Several weeks ago, I posted the following statement on my Facebook timeline:  “Recount an incident from your days in the service that wasn’t funny at the time, but makes you laugh today” – promising to publish all names and responses in a blog post on my website.   The following are their contributions – one friend even submitted a complete poem.  I’ve taken the liberty of adding pictures deemed appropriate for each particular incident – hope you enjoy!  

John Podlaski I can remember one when I was in Vietnam with the Wolfhounds of the 25th Infantry in 1970. A bunch of us were out on patrol walking through an large open clearing – an area nobody’s been in for a while – as we’re walking, a dusty mist materializes and begins engulfing us all. Nobody paid it any attention and continued moving forward. Suddenly, as if on cue, everyone…

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