This article just about sums it up!

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A friend, Steve Lepley, posted this onto a FB fan page that I frequent.  It is copyrighted 1996 by Dan Mouer, All Rights Reserved.  It is a great read that I’d like to share with you all…

A college student posted a request on an internet newsgroup asking for personal narratives from the likes of us addressing the question: “What is a Vietnam Veteran?” This is what I wrote back:


Vietnam veterans are men and women. We are dead or alive, whole or maimed, sane or haunted. We grew from our experiences or we were destroyed by them or we struggle to find some place in between. We lived through hell or we had a pleasant, if scary, adventure. We were Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Red Cross, and civilians of all sorts. Some of us enlisted to fight for God and Country, and some were drafted. Some were…

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