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Free Sample – first six chapters of Cherries – both Written and Audiobook

The first six chapters of Cherries – A Vietnam War Novel (revised edition) are posted on “Scribd” as a free sample for all to read. If you haven’t purchased the book yet, please take this opportunity to read this free sample.

cherries_six chapter sample 7_19-11

My new digital MP3 audiobook of ‘Cherries – A Vietnam War Novel” is live and available for download from internet stores. Each chapter varies in length from 15 – 50 minutes – the complete audiobook takes about eighteen hours to complete. As a courtesy to all my friends and followers, links to to the first six chapters are at the end of this post. Please have a listen and let me know your thoughts. If you click on the link at the very top of this page, you’ll be redirected to my “main page” for a list of related links and ordering information. Thanks for your time!

Chapter 1 Chapter 5

Chapter 2 Chapter 6

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

If you are interested in purchasing this audiobook, here is the direct link:








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