Here’s an opportunity to read or listen to the first six chapters (25%) of “Cherries: A Vietnam War Novel” as a free sample. My story reached #1 in its category several times over the years and has remained in the top 100 since publication. Over 580 positive reviews.


In 1970, John Kowalski is one of many young, naïve teenage soldiers sent to Vietnam to fight in an unpopular war. Dubbed “Cherries” by their more seasoned peers, these newbies suddenly found themselves thrust into the middle of a terrible nightmare. On-the-job training is intense, however, most of these teenagers were hardly ready to absorb the harsh mental, emotional, and physical stress of war. When coming under enemy fire and witnessing death first-hand, a life-changing transition begins…one that can’t be reversed.

The author is an excellent storyteller. Readers testify that they’re right there with the characters, and joining them in their quest for survival; sharing the fear, awe, drama, and sorrow, witnessing bravery, and sometimes, even laughing at their humor.

“Cherries,” tells it like it is and when finished, readers will have a much better understanding of what these young men had to endure for an entire year. It’s a story that is hard to put down.

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