Recently, I was approached by Ben Fox to feature my book, Cherries, on a new website he was developing called Shepherd. He also wanted me to suggest five books that I’ve enjoyed about the Vietnam War. It took a while, but I submitted my choices and reasons. Other authors were also contacted and asked to do the same thing based upon their categories.

What Ben has finally developed is a virtual book store where readers can scan through lists of “Best Books About…” and then check out the recommendations. Clicking on the book cover will take readers directly to the selling page for that book.

Although I don’t consider myself an ‘expert’ on the Vietnam War, my page is titled BEST BOOKS ABOUT THE VIETNAM WAR. Future additions by authors may include a new subtopic or specialty about the war. Other BEST BOOKS are about WWI, WWII, Rock ‘n Roll, Salem Witch Trials, etc.

Shepherd just launched and it’s sure to grow. Please take a minute to check my page and then peruse his website. Here’s my direct link:

Thanks in advance! / John