My good friend, Ms. Marty Eddy, the Michigan State Coordinator for the National League of POW/MIA Families and Secretary/Treasurer, POW Committee of Michigan, sent this note to me as an email, today, Father’s Day 2019. It’s an appropriate message for this day and also supports the adage to never give up.


Good morning, everyone.  On this Father’s Day 2019, I want to share the words of the son of U.S. Air Roy A. Knight Jr., MIA over Laos on 5-19-1967, as he explains how his dad’s crash site came to be excavated, remains & artifacts recovered, and identification made 52 years after the incident. This is a strong testimony to the power of faith, family, perseverance, and the incredible work being done to bring home the missing.

Roy (the son) lived in Michigan for part of the 80s and was President of the POW Committee of Michigan when the “Michigan Remembers” POW/MIA Memorial was unveiled and dedicated on National POW/MIA Recognition Day in 1986.  A job transfer took him and his family to another state in 1987.

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