I’m republishing an earlier post from 2014. Were you superstitious and believed that good luck charms protected you during the Vietnam War? Here are some observations of mine from that time long ago. Agree or disagree?

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How many soldiers going to war believed in the magic of good luck charms and superstitions?  Seemed like everybody carried something in Vietnam as a talisman – an object representing protection and survival.   We were young and needed something to grasp onto – something to give us hope – something to help keep our fears at bay – something to give us strength – something to help us get back home after our tour of duty.

The most common that I remember seemed to be religious items such as medallions like St. Christopher or a cross hanging from chains around soldiers’ necks, then bibles, rosary beads and scapulars.

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I saw many soldiers carrying pictures of their girlfriends and/or wives – infantry soldiers usually kept them inside of helmets or within metal ammo cans stored under rucksacks;  slices of home and keepsakes of…

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