by Pat Burke

Hi, This is Pat’s daughter. Before he passed last October, he asked me to post the letter he posts every March 16th in memory of his last days with a soldier named Ted Williams. March 16, 1967 was the day he was shot in Nam and Ted was killed and died in his arms. Today marks a significant day in my fathers life that he always carried with him. Be warned, it is graphic in the end and may be difficult to read, but I will keep the promise I made to him. Here is his tribute to Ted…(there are three pages/photos). I miss you dad.

Note from “Virtual Wall”:  On March 7, Company B of the 1st Battalion, and Company E , 2d Battalion were placed under the OPCON (Operational Control) of the 3d Marine Division and were deployed to the Khe Sanh Combat Base in the Huong Hoa District of Quang Tri Province. On the night of March 16 into March 17 on the northern defense perimeter in the vicinity of Hill 861S Company E came under attack by a large NVA force as the Marines began to move their night patrol base to a new location. Company B reacted and joined in the battle and when the battle subsided, The Marines had suffered nineteen men killed in action, fifty eight wounded, two who would later die of their wounds. One of the casualties was LCpl Williams who was killed in action as a result of fragmentation wounds from a hostile explosive device.

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