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I do!  As an infantry soldier in Vietnam, C-Rations was my sole source of nourishment for at least 300 of the 365 days I served in-country.

Resupply chopper landed

When out on missions, infantry units were re-supplied with food, water, ammunition, clothes and other items by helicopter every three to five days.  Cases of C-Rations are assigned and split among a squad of soldiers – there’s an ample supply to cover three meals per person – 4.5 pounds of canned wet food for each day’s adequate nourishment.  However, none of us wanted to carry that much extra weight on our backs, instead, most settling for a single complete meal per day and extra cans of crackers, cakes and fruit to supplement their diet until the next resupply – all stuffed into a sock and tied to the back of a rucksack.

hump with sack

C-Rations are commercially prepared meals, used in the field and at times…

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