Let me preface this article by saying that this a family event with static displays, special speakers, food and entertainment.  The reenactments are performed by skilled groups who want to tell the Vietnam story for those who weren’t there, so they can try to understand.  The Wolfhound reenactment unit was started by a Vietnam Vet – Craig DeFeyter 1/27 25th 67-68. Originally it was all display for moving wall events or unit reunions. Later the veterans that we came in contact with began asking for us to do this (always a downed pilot rescue scenario). Many of the pilots and crew of the hueys are Vietnam vets and they are the ones that pushed us to do it. Can’t say as I have ever heard anything negative about what we do, or I would not do it. The majority of the younger members of the unit are veterans as well from the 80’s on with some current. We even have a Green Beret combat medic (he is 71) go up with us before. We also have a Marine E 2/7 67-68 and a in country nurse 70-71 Long Binh field hospital that are part of us that are able to talk to people about their experience and share their collection of original items. We have nothing but respect for all who served and our unit mission statement is to thank and welcome home all veterans. 

How about going on a great day trip to Benton Harbor, MI – June 19th-21st?

“Less We Forget” has successfully conducted Annual World War II Re-enactments and beach landings over the last several years.  The events drew large crowds every year and reviews were always quite favorable.  This year, “LWF” will stage the first Vietnam War Re-enactment in Benton Harbor with members of the U.S. Army 25th Division Wolfhounds, guest speakers include MOH recipients, former POW’s, former soldiers, book authors and entertainers to name a few.  The event is free and promises to be an unforgettable experience.  I’m invited to join other Vietnam authors during the weekend and plan to be there with a handful of books – we’ll have a table set up near the hangars.  If you already know me through Facebook or my website and you plan to go – then please stop by and say hi!  I’m looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible!  Terry Giffin, a member of the Wolfhound Re-enactment group, donated many of the attached pictures – from other re-enactment events.   Scroll down to review the list of scheduled events…
Benton Harbor: Lest We Forget presents Tribute to Vietnam Veterans
       Southwest Michigan Regional Airport in Benton Harbor, MI.
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JUNE 17-21, 2015

June 11-23 “Avenue of Flags” displayed at Airport entrance.  Sponsored by Benton Harbor/St Joseph Exchange Club, Flags Put Up by Bridge Academy of Kinexus– Benton Harbor and Lest We Forget



PBR “VN River Boat” will be giving rides on St Joseph River from BH Boat Launch.  10-4 pm (Donations)






NOON – Opening of Camp:  Military aircraft, vehicles, displays, vendors and re-enactors arrive throughout the day. Helicopter rides available starting at noon on Friday and continuing thru Sunday.

NOON –   Motorcycle Ride thru Berrien County led by Gary Wetzel, VN MOH,   leaves from BH Airport

7 pm  Program at The Chapel, 4230 Washington Ave, St Joseph–open to public. Presentation is “Remembrances.”  This is being put on by the 1/7th Cavalry that fought in the battle of Ia Drang.



Johnny Mayo & Luke in the field with us. Johnny is a Vietnam Vet K9 Handler.



Jim Cassidy–Announcer and Army LTC (Ret) Denny Gillem—Moderator

8 am  Welcome  Don Alsbro, President of Lest We Forget

8:05   Vietnam War Dogs:  Johnny Mayo and Kelly, John Meeks and Artus and other VN dog handlers

8:30   PTSD–Bill Bourgeois from Detroit VA with medical van,

9:00  MOH Joe Marm and COL Tony Nadal (Ia Drang)

10:00  Frank Anton and Governor Joe Kernan (POW’s)

11:00  VN Battlefield Tours–Bill Stilwagen–Bush Guide for “VN Battlefield Tours”–46 trips

11:45 MOH Don Ballard and Harvey Ross–Marines in VN

12:30 MOH Gary Wetzel and COL William Dismukes

1:30  John Steer:  “The Battle of Dak To–Hill 875”

2:00  Navy–Brown Water and Off Shore–John Brown, Don Oderkirk and Lynn Rayle

2:30 Tribute to Korean Government for Military Support–Henry Seo

3:00   Tribute to “Boat” People and Vietnamese Who Supported the U.S–Mui Loc  “Amanda”

3:30   Vietnam Re-enactment:  Flyover by VN era aircraft, Parachute Drop and Re-enactment with Hueys,  flame thrower, dog handlers, 25th Inf Div Wolfhounds, and VC soldiers                                                                           

5:00  Dinner Korean and American VN soldiers.  Parachute drop of Korean and American flags

6:00  60’s Fashion Show by Blue Star Mother

6:30  Preview of their books on Vietnam–Authors in attendance                                                                                                                       

7:30  John Steer Patriotic Concert

8:30  “Bob Hope USO Show” by Lynn Roberts and Jen Brohman



We also have a GP Medium that is full of display items as will as our GP Large that we live in. (picture from Kokomo annual Vietnam Veterans Reunion)


7:00 Classic Cars on Display

8:00  “Living with PTSD”  Discussion by 3 wives whose husbands have/had PTSD.

9:00  Purple Heart Memorial Program for the 47 Berrien County Vietnam Soldiers Killed in Action – Led by  Rev. and singer John Steer and Rev. William Doublestein

10:30  All Star Panel:  Joe Marm (MOH), Frank Anton (POW), Doc Ballard (MOH), Gary Wetzel (MOH)

11:30  Jack Benny (Lynn Roberts)

11:45  Tony Nadal (Commander) and John Clark (RTO)–Ia Drang Battle

12:30  Jimmy Durante (Lynn Roberts)

12:45 A Shau (Ted Tees–2 Silver Stars), Americal Div Medic (Jim McClaughan), ARVN Operations (Hank  Richmond) and 1968 Tet Offensive  (Bud Baker–Distinguished Service Cross)

1:45  Red Skelton (Lynn Roberts)

2:00  Agent Orange by Sandy Postawa who lost her husband to Agent Orange

2:30 “WE WON!”  Don Alsbro

3:00 Re-enactment–Flyover, Parachute, Battle




We were honored when asked by Wolfhound vets to pose with them at Kokomo.


Surrounded by VHPA members and families last year at Louisville, Ky. reunion.





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