In this podcast, Ward Carroll explains how actress Jane Fonda earned the nickname “Hanoi Jane” and why it endures even after all these years. I learned something new by watching this 14-minute video. You might also find the comments after the video interesting…

Some of the comments taken from the hundreds posted on YouTube about this video:

Disturbed47: I’m almost 75 years old, and I thought most of the hate and anger within me had mellowed with age. Then you mention HER and I realized it’s still there at a deep, visceral level…

Thomas Quinn: Ward you have the skill to lay out the facts and let them speak to your listener as they are displayed without any additional coloring. That skill is unparalleled in today’s media. Thank you for a crisp presentation of the behavior of a movie actress that used her notoriety to demean young men following lawful orders in a war they did not create or choose.

Trevor Evans: Disgraceful behavior, by an entitled rich kid. I really don’t see much of a difference between her and Tokyo Rose although Iva Toguri’s broadcasts were silly and not taken seriously by the troops in most cases. What Fonda did was many times more harmful and demoralizing…

Bill Murphy: I’m a Nam Navy Vet in the Gulf on a destroyer guarding the aircraft carriers. Hanoi Jane is what she will always be to those of us who served. And yes, she should have been arrested upon her return, tried and at the very least imprisoned. I have never been or will ever be ashamed to serving our country.

Alan Baxter: I was on one of the carriers when she did her dastardly deed. Prior to her visit we had shut down the North’s air defenses from the sea (mined the harbor), shut down the railroads out of China. During her two-week visit bombing was halted (by White House). With her treasonous visit compete, the bombing returned to FULLY RE-ARMED air defenses! We lost a plane shortly after.

BigJake2061: Thank you for reminding the world what she did. It should never be forgotten. Anytime her name is mentioned these facts should be mentioned.

Random Man: Wow, as a young millennial with family and family friends who served in Vietnam, as well as a bit of a history buff, I’m ashamed to admit I didn’t know how deep her betrayal went.

Your thoughts…?


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