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Penrose, Colorado

Stretched between two Vietnam War helicopters are big letters: “IN GOD WE TRUST.” The letters are covered with 58,272 glued-on pennies, one for each American killed in the war. The memorial-makers tried to use only pennies minted during 1965-1971, the war’s deadliest years.

The big steel letters were made by students in the Canon City High School metal shop. Before being glued into place, all 58,272 pennies were first given a good scrubbing in a cement mixer.

The pennies are part of a larger veterans display that also includes a memorial wall (with no pennies). Plans are still in the works for a Wounded Warrior sculpture, featuring a soldier carrying another wounded soldier to one of the helicopters.

Col. Leo S. Boston War Memorial Park


Decker Drive, Penrose, CO

Directions: Col. Leo S. Boston War Memorial Park. On the south side of US Hwy 50, either 7.5 miles east of downtown Canon City, or 3.5 miles west of US 50’s intersection with Hwy 115. When you see the Vietnam-era helicopters, turn south onto Decker Drive.


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