From Malcolm Gray USMC…thank you brother!

A soldier leaves the war, but the war never leaves the soldier not in his youth, or even when he gets older He will remember the things he has seen in battle, but he will not tell YOU what, a soldier keeps it locked away never to be forgot. So when you see a soldier just remember this, he went away his mind a fresh, and proberly come back with mind a mess we can’t help the way we are, and quite often we drift away with that glazed look in our eyes, we remember those hidden days. Those days of young men dying everynight we hear their screams. Days of young men crying because of things they have seen. We dread the night when shadows fall and all our memories come to call. maybe one night we will find some happy times, happy times to push the shadows away, so we can sleep at least for one night.,,, GIVE A SOLDIER A HUG,,LET THEM KNOW WE CARE,,AND WE SUPPORT THEM,,THEY ARE FIGHTING FOR OUR ”FREEDOM” GOD BLESS YOU ALL,,HUGS

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