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Author’s Vietnam picture slide show

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20 thoughts on “Author’s Vietnam picture slide show

  1. John, I really liked your book and the pictures on this site. I know many Vietnam vets and your book helps me to understand what they went through.


      1. Hi John, wow I think I’ve just read one of the best books on the Vietnam war thanks to you sharing your experience’s. I could not stop reading and loved the fact I felt I had the complete story, from travelling, arriving, during and leaving Vietnam. I don’t think I’ve ever read a book on the war as well written. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful book.


        1. Thanks Jeremy, I do appreciate your kind words. Can I impose upon you to visit and leave a review and rating for Cherries? Reviews help me to get the word out about my story. Thank you again!

          On Sun, Oct 18, 2015 at 3:26 AM, Cherries – A Vietnam War Novel wrote:



  2. I fully enjoy your slide show! I was ass running up and over I, II, III corps areas. I have been to many of the same FSB and LZs! I was wounded in the left cheek left a neat nice scare! In one of your photographs you have a wound to the cheek also? Any way I was FNG in 1970 assigned to ISF An Lộc , US Army unassigned! HQ was MACV Cholon! I spent almost two tours and TDY RVN til 20April 1975 at Tân Sơn Nhất where I was taken by a Dust off!
    My best wishes and our return “Back to the World”! Never forgotten! Always within one’s mind’s eye!


    1. Thanks for taking the time to write a comment about my slide show Ron…much appreciated! No scar on the cheek, it was likely wear of the picture and possible flash reflection. Welcome Home Brother!


  3. I am proud to have served my country in the US Army in Vietnam. Co A 4/31 Inf 196th Light Infantry Brigade Americal Division LZ West and LZ Siberia – Heip Duc


  4. Served out of LZ Center, 3/21 inf, 196th inf, also was on West and LZ Siberia (thank god did’nt have to spend much time on Siberia, that FB was named correctly. Best Wishes to all,,,”We were soldiers and young”

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  5. Thanks for the memories I was WIA in Jan 69 Went over a land mine with an APC. Friend Bill Wilburn was KIA Gary (Terry) Yee was also WIA. If anyone sees Yee would like to talk to him…

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  6. Great article. My husband Jimmy Landtroop was in Vietnam in 69-70 h group 17 cav. Would love to see slideshow from this year. Thanks for your service and all the brave men who had to endure this hell hole. Enjoyed book, keep writing.

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  7. These pictures could have been exactly like mine. !st Cav 2/5 1970 to 1971. Drafted in 1969, 22 yrs old, married with one little boy at home. I am glad I served, did not want to go, but felt it was my duty to our country. No regrets. Was in country a couple of months and made E-5, in charge of a mortar squad of 17 to 18 year of kids, I was the old guy. Loved your story.

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  8. …Firstly thanx John for sharing this labor of love with all of us. I was a Navy, Tin-Can Destroyer -below deck snipe… that was SO damn grateful for you guys that did the heavy liftin… I was proud to be part of the fire support we gave to guys that were deep-into it~ Few yrs. back when Cherries can out, I dropped everything and “learned” about those I was grateful FOR ! …Bill Springer E5 Boiler Tech~


  9. Really enjoyed a slide show with accompanying music. As a former Huey pilot I remember hearing the sing SPIRIT IN THE SKY & also AND WHEN I DIE by Blood Sweat &Tears-what an appropriate collection of vocabulary for that group’s name. Many memories triggered and I recall how the popping sound of the Huey rotar blades made many think, they’re coming to get me the F out of here. I loved flying extraction missions and watching the troops scurry onto the metal cargo deck. I always gave the returnees a great ride back to base camp and ine man knelt to kiss the chin bubble of my Huey, walked up to the left seat window and said “thank you for coming to get us; that was my last field trip and I go home soon”. Getting a thank you was not my incentive to go ‘above and beyond’ on some missions but it sure sounded sweet that particular day. It’s not a lot of fun to fly around with a bullet hole in the windshield!


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