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My Favorite Vietnam War Videos (40+)

Hello everyone!  I’ve collected various YouTube videos about the Vietnam War for the last few years and decided to pull the best 40+ and post them here together on the same page of my blog.  Some authors created slide shows with pictures set to music of the period (1 is current), others used actual video footage to music and a couple published documentaries.  Click on any to watch as you scroll through the embedded players. If  You Served – Thank you and Welcome Home!

Please click on the link at the bottom to tell us which is your favorite video.  Additionally, feel free to leave any comments or mention of other “great” videos that I may have overlooked.  Enjoy!

 Book trailer for “Cherries – A Vietnam War Novel”

  Remember Me

  Good Night Saigon – Billy Joel version 1

  Good Night Saigon – Billy Joel version 2

Real battle of the Ia Drang Valley that inspired “We Were Soldiers…” movie

– Battle Hamburger Hill & Hill 484 (actual footage)

– Battle of Dak To and Hill 875

  Vietnam footage – Unknown Soldier by The Doors

 Vietnam:  Boots on the Ground

  Welcome to Vietnam – Various songs

  My Vietnam Tribute / My Immortal – Evanescence

  Vietnam War Pics / As Tears Goes By – Rolling Stones

Life Mag. pictures of Vietnam War / Run through the Jungle

  Songs of the Vietnam War

  8th of November by Big and Rich

  I was only 19 – Redgum (Australian)

  Unit massacred by Viet Cong

  Vietnam War Tribute / Carry on Wayward Son – Kansas

  Vietnam Tribute / Paint it Black – Rolling Stones

  Vietnam Tribute /  For What it’s Worth – Buffalo Springfield

  Vietnam Tribute / Barry McQuire – Eve of Destruction

  101st Airborne in the A Shau Valley

  Special Forces – LRRP’s in Vietnam (documentary)

  Story of the 4th Infantry in Vietnam (Documentary – 25 minutes)

Mansions of the Lord & Celtic

Vietnam War in HD part 1

Vietnam War in HD part 2

Vietnam War in HD part 3

Actual Combat footage / Delta Co. 5/7 – 2nd Platoon

Teaser for Cherries – A Vietnam War Novel Audiobook

Last few minutes of the movie, “We Were Soldiers…”

  Vietnam Tribute / Sympathy for the Devil – Rolling Stones

  We Were Soldiers Once Soundtrack

  Platoon Soundtrack

  Vietnam Tribute / The Eagle Cried

Full length move: The Iron Triangle 1989

  Vietnam Tribute / We got to get Out of this Place – The Animals

  Reflection of My Life by Marmalade

  Platoon Remix

  Vietnam Tribute / The End by The Doors

  Military Tribute / Keith Urban

Jimi Hendrix – Machine Gun (WARNING – EXTREMELY GRAPHIC)

Ode to those helicopter door gunners

Fierce Vietnam Footage

Vietnam footage to music

The Real Platoon

Once I was a Soldier

In the Shadow of the Blade

 Combat Helicopter Pilots Association

174th AHC, 1967 – 71

Selected photos from website at No particular order. Many more stories and photos on web site. Submitted by Jim McDaniel, 174th webmaster and CHPA Founding Member.  This particular ten minute video shows the same area (Duc Pho, Vietnam) filmed by the same pilot – four years apart.  The shots are spectacular and music is great!  You can slow it down to read the captions.
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13 thoughts on “My Favorite Vietnam War Videos (40+)

  1. What a great collection! This is truly a wonderful compilation of images and music that truly capture the essence as much as John Podlaski’s wonderful Historical novel “Cherries.” Great Job, master John!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Vietnam War ended for America in January of 1973. Some people incorrectly “think” the U.S. lost. The videos here that John Podloski has intelligently compiled serves as positive proof of the American military’s determination and victorious endeavors in Vietnam. It is no less than an American amnesia that THE U.S. Congress FORCED the surrender of Vietnam and compelled the Military to fight with one hand tied behind its back!

      Liked by 2 people

    2. Those who were there in actuaL end! The end was April 30, 1975! I missed it by being WIA !
      I was dustedoff 10 days before the fall!
      I watch what was left on AFTV!
      Yes, we never lost anything, but what we had gained!

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  2. Touching images of a battle waged by our nation’s best and brightest. One fought with the best of intentions and ended with the worst of results. May God bless all that were touched by that futile travesty and may those of us who witnessed the pain, suffering and valor never forget the price that was paid. They were our brothers….

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Any one who thinks this is SPAM should listen to “Once I was a Soldier”
    Thanks for putting this together.
    67-68 Central Highlands of South Vietnam

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Thank you. I just found your videos & will view later. I lost someone there in 1968. Am still trying to find relatives or friends of his.


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