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Drastically outnumbered, an 18-man Marine Recon Team held off a determined unit of NVA regulars throughout the night. Outgunned, the enemy soldiers were intent on overrunning them and killing everyone on the hilltop. Read this article to see how it played out. 

By Dan Doyle

In June of 1966 Marine Reconnaissance teams were being sent out to look for enemy movements in the area west of the Chu Lai Marine Base. One of those teams was an 18-man patrol from Charlie Co. 1st Recon, lead by then Staff Sgt. Jimmie Howard. They were inserted by helicopter to the top of Hill 488, some 20 miles west of Chu Lai.

They didn’t know it then, but this patrol would become the most highly decorated single unit in the Vietnam War.

On June 13, shortly after they had been inserted on top of Hill 488, they began to spot enemy activity. They…

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