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  1. This is my first time reading this website. The article about the 101st, 12/24/1970 Christmas Eve friendly fire incident has some misinformation, as I was unfortunate enough to be there. The reason for the accident was correct, as the lieutenant did not read his map correctly and subsequently called the artillery in on his position. A checkfire was called as soon as the first round landed, but the second round was already in the air. The part about the platoon being left without backup was incorrect as I was with the 3rd platoon a distance away and we immediately proceeded to go there to help in assessing and support the second platoon as soon as possible (within the hour). The wounded were medivaced out, and the dead were left in the field with us, under our guard, until Christmas morning when there were better conditions for their evacuation by helicopters. I believe we were left with 6 to 8 bodies (in bodybags, 2/bag) to guard that night as Christmas carols were being broadcast from either Firebase Bastogne or helicopters. As we cleaned up the area Christmas morning, there was a very heavy rain which seemed to me was a sign from God that he was trying to help by cleansing the area. We were left in the field as it was determined (from the information I remember) we would be too much of a negative morale factor to the troops on the firebase. We remained in the field for the remainder of our original mission.


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