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2 thoughts on “winnerq

  1. Howdy:
    excellent article on James Williams.
    A fantastic warrior indeed.
    In 20 years; how come he wasn’t a CHIEF?
    Nothing wrong with FIRST CLASS tho.
    The pic shown; must be later in the new uniform…….it looks like a Chiefs hat on his head (?)
    The chase into the VC sampans; had to be some ride. For all the crewmen.
    Most impressed by these guys on the two PBR’s.
    Attention to Starboard. Right Hand Salute.
    Eight Bells.
    PD Rhodes AO3 VA-196 Skyraiders on USS Bon Homme Richard CVA-31.
    Nam cruises 1964; there in August first week when the action started/at first RESCAPS then all out attacks loaded/launched 3 hops a day. 7 days a week.
    Extended 60 days. Went home afterwards. Then back over in April 1965 Nam Cruise. Longest stint at sea 52 days straight.
    Enlistment over.
    Wanted to FLY: enlisted crewman: AD3 Skywarriors. Navy said can have E5/which I already past the tests for and AO “B” School.
    I asked for the CREWMAN AD3. Said no; so I got out. I would have shipped for 6 to be a flying crewman/AD3’s. One of last to leave: as ALL were extended ONE year just after 1965/August.
    Never ever regretted service: NAVY.
    Got out and went to Engineers School/Northrop/AERO Engr 1971.
    A Right Hand salute to you also for this article. A pilot from VA-196 sent it to me.
    Thank you.
    I’m leaving the ship, Sir.
    PD the ORDY


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