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  1. Warriors! Just to let you know, we PBR sailors greatly appreciated your support. Yeah, we used to poke our noses into canals and got in trouble, but it probably woulda been a boring tour for all y’all if we hadn’t and you had to stay home.
    Welcome Home Brothers and thanks again.
    Ken Delfino
    RivDiv 533 – TF-116
    Michaelangelo Kilo
    Cugat 17


  2. Alpha – 101 deployed from Ft. Campbell, KY to Vietnam on 11 April 1965 and was stationed at , and operated out of Soc Trang Army Airfield in IV Corps (Mekong Delta). In September 1966
    the colors of A/101 were folded and returned to Ft. Campbell, KY. However, their assets remained in place and became the 336th Assault Helicopter Company. The 336th retained the call signs, Winged Warriors (later changed to Warriors) for the slick platoons, and Thunderbirds (later changed to T-Birds) for the gun platoon.

    On 1 November 1970 Soc Trang AAF was turned over to the VNAF and the 336th AHC was moved to Dong Tam to support the 9th Inf. Division. On 4 Oct. 1971 the 336th was deactivated and the colors were transferred to Ft. Riley, KS.


  3. The nose art on the slicks in the 336th varied with each aircraft. All logos were of an American Indian warrior, but not the same picture on every aircraft. None of the pictures were ever disrespectful of the American Indian. All were depicted in some form as a warrior. The gunships were called the T-Birds – their nose art was the same for all aircraft. Their logo was the American Indian mythical Thunder Bird.


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